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Team Leaders Handbook

The role of the Team Leaders

According to the Regulations of the International Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence, the Team Leader (TL) shall be a legal adult in both the team’s country and the host country. The TL shall have a level of ability in a common language (usually English) sufficient to allow them to communicate at the Olympiad, and to relay instructions and information to their team members.

The duties of Team Leaders (TLs) include:
- taking care of their students’ well-being and good behaviour throughout their entire journey
- acting as mediators between them and the organisers during the Olympiad
- representing their National Organisation at the annual meeting of the General Assembly held during the Olympiad if required

Team Leaders must not have taken part in the work of the Problem Committee for this Olympiad as members or experts, nor may they be on the Jury.

Communication channels

1. Slack – Team leaders are invited to join the Slack workspace via this link . Presently, there are two channels:
#questions-to-jury – use this channel to ask questions about the AI problems: task description, access to data, code, constraints, evaluation, etc.
#questions-to-organizers – use this channel to ask questions about logistics: venue, transportation, visas, schedule, etc.

2. WhatsApp IOAI 2024 Group – during the Olympiad, you can reach the Organizers, Volunteers or other Team Leaders - link invitation will be sent out to registered Team leaders.
After the start of the Olympiad on Monday, 9 August, please use Instant Messaging Apps and NOT email for contacting volunteers or organizers for urgent matters.

Arriving in Bulgaria

Upon arrival the teams will be welcomed by a volunteer at the Burgas Airport Terminal 2, the Arrivals Hall, at the exit right after the Baggage Claim. Attendees arriving at Burgas Bus or Train Station will receive personalized instructions by email.

Hotel registration starts at 14:00 local time on 9th Aug. Meals start with dinner on 9th Aug. If it is expected that you’ll arrive late in Burgas (so that you can’t make it for dinner) sandwiches and water will be provided for you at arrival at the hotel.

There are no arranged meals before dinner, however if you are arriving earlier, organizers will recommend options to explore the city and find lunch.

Information about Burgas is available in the following page:

If you need to travel independently from the airport to the hotel or the city centre

The ticket for the bus is 1.30 BGN (approx. 0.7 Euros). At Burgas Airport you can get Bus No 15 to Transportna Bus stop which is just a 100 metres away from the hotel. The bus can also take you all the way to Burgas Central Bus Station.

A 24-hour taxi service is available at Burgas Airport. You may find the yellow taxi cabs of Eko Taxi in front of Terminal 2. You can book your transfer from Burgas Airport online at If you are not able to book a taxi transfer in advance, don’t worry! The Taxi company representatives await you in front of Terminal 2. You may also find them inside the terminal behind the counter of the taxi service provider.


TLs must collect the IDs (passport or a card) of everyone in the team and accompanying observers and check everyone together with a volunteer at the reception. If you haven’t sent the Consent forms of your team by mail, you must give them to the volunteer upon registration.

The keys to your rooms will be given upon check-in at the reception desk, and the volunteer will give the TLs the welcome packages for the whole group. The welcome package includes a badge and some gifts.

Please, verify the spelling of all names on the badge and the certificates and immediately inform the volunteer if any corrections are needed. All participants must wear their badge the whole time because that’s how you’ll get access to all events (including meals, contests, etc.).

Opening and Awards Ceremony

When taking your place in the hall, please follow the instructions provided by volunteers. Before the opening ceremony there will be an opportunity for official photos, as well as video and photo during the opening.

Teams are encouraged to dress in their team shirts or traditional outfits for the opening and closing ceremony. Participants from one country should sit together during the ceremonies.

A note on the use of flags during the Awards Ceremony

When a team is announced for a prize, they should go to the stage to receive their diploma and/or medal and prizes. Contestants are encouraged to hold and wave their national flags or team flags on the stage during the awards ceremony. However, contestants must be instructed to:
respect other contestants from different countries and teams;
• not hold a flag that is wider than the width of the person(s) that are holding the flag (maximum 90 cm for one person)


For the two contests, all contestants as well as team leaders and observers will receive a packed lunch before the beginning of the contest. All contestants may bring individually food and soft drinks as they like.

Each team will be working in a separate room and there will be an invigilator present. Contestants must follow the directions of the invigilator and inform them of any non-competition related issues (specific needs, need for medical support, etc.).

The students must follow the specific directions of the Jury and published competition rules for the contest itself.

Meeting of the General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) consists of the Team Leaders of accredited countries, the members of the Board and members of the International Jury.

At a convenient time during the Olympiad, they will hold an annual meeting to discuss any matters concerning the IOAI, including appointment and/or (re)election of Board members.

The General Assembly will take place on 11 Aug 2024, during the first day of the competition. Team leaders will receive additional information on the General Assembly via email.

Transportation during IOAI

The final programme of the event will indicate when participants will be travelling by organized buses to a specific venue. Please, make sure all team members are on time and follow the organisers’ and volunteers’ directions to ensure we keep to the schedule.

There is also public transport available between the hotel and the university. Walking distance between the two is ~3.5 km, however due to the chance of high temperatures we do not recommend walking.

General information

Payments in Bulgaria

Cash is accepted everywhere but only in BGN. Most places will accept credit/debit cards (Visa, Maestro and Master Card); Diner’s Club is not very popular and may be refused at places; American Express and Travel checks are NOT accepted.

You can withdraw cash from ATMs but always use only ATMs at bank offices (the closest ones are marked on the map inside your badge). DO NOT use the ATMs of Euronet.

If you want to exchange cash, it’s best you do it from EUR or USD. EUR to BGN exchange rate is fixed by the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) at almost 1 to 2 (1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN). Look for similar rates at the exchange office that you choose. Bank offices are safe to use.

If you go to a private exchange office, be alert and carefully check the exchange rate as you may see something like this: 1 EUR= 1.1958 BGN For the current USD to BGN exchange rates check on the Internet (the BNB rates).

Alcohol and tobacco laws

The legal drinking age in Bulgaria is 18 years. Alcohol and tobacco products are NOT sold to persons under 18. Smoking is prohibited in all closed spaces, but generally unrestricted in open spaces.

Weather in Bulgaria

Expected temperatures: min 17°C (63°F) – max 35°C (95°F). Sea temperature average: 24°C (75°F)

Please check the weather forecast before departing on your trip. As Burgas is by the seaside, a jacket protecting from light wind is a must.

Useful items to bring:
- hats/caps/any headwear to protect you from the sun
- sunglasses and sun cream
- insects repellent (there are no life threatening insects but they do bite)
- swimsuits
- all your regular medications that you might need


Accommodation is booked at Avenue Hotel, 6 Transportna Str., Burgas.

Bed linens and towels are provided. Electric sockets are of the type C/E/F.

Internet access

Wi-Fi Internet access is provided free of charge at the hotel. You can also buy rather cheap prepaid cards:
- A1: various offers starting from 15BGN for 15GB
- Vivacom: DATA2GO (approx. 20BGN for 25 000 MB)
- Yettel: various offers starting from 15BGN for 15GB

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