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Welcome to IOAI 2024!

The International Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence is a unique global event which is taking place for the first time ever. We are excited to welcome local and international media to cover the competition.

In a nutshell

What? A global competition for high school students, up to 2 teams per country, 4 people each
When? August 9th to August 15th, 2024
Where? Burgas, Bulgaria
Who? More than 160 students from 35 countries
How? Teams will compete against each other in 3 fields of AI: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing
Why? To promote AI education among students globally and to reward the brightest young minds in the AI field!

Press releases

01.07.2024: The International Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence (IOAI) begins
in English, in Bulgarian

01.12.2023: Bulgaria founds the International Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence (IOAI):
in English, in Bulgarian

IOAI Brand kit

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IOAI Photos and videos

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Contact for media inquiries

For international media: please contact Mrs Iva Gumnishka,, +420608638476
For Bulgarian media: please contact Mr Valkan Goranov,, +359887806581

IOAI in the news

"Burgas Set to Host Inaugural International AI Olympiad"

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"International Olympiad in AI launches to nurture the next generation of AI talent"

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Forbes Bulgaria

"Bulgaria organizes the first international AI olympiad" (in Bulgarian)

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Digital National Coalition

"Unleashing the Future of Tech: The First International Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence 2024 in Bulgaria"

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IT Logs

"AI Olympiad in Bulgaria to host 160 students from 35 countries"

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Bloomberg TV

"The future of Artificial Intelligence: regulations and responsibility, not prohibitions" (interview with founding member Alex Velinov in Bulgarian)

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Other news about us

Digital stories: "Artificial Intelligence is coming in big, strong, and a bit chaotic" (interview with founding member Elena Marinova) in Bulgarian

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