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Join the IOAI as a partner university!

The International Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence offers a unique platform for fostering the next generation of AI talent and promoting cutting-edge research in the field.

Partner universities get access to opportunities to engage with and attract top talent, share their research and expertise, and contribute to AI education worldwide.

Key features

Global Outreach: The IOAI is an international event, attracting participation from various countries and cultures, thereby fostering a global network of AI enthusiasts and experts.

Educational Impact: The Olympiad aims to prepare students for future challenges in AI, emphasizing critical thinking, ethical considerations, and responsible AI development.


Engage with Top Talents: Access a pool of bright, AI-focused students from around the world, offering potential for future admissions and collaborations.

Showcase Expertise: Present your faculty’s research, share academic programs, and demonstrate leadership in AI education and innovation.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with other leading academic institutions, industry experts, and potential sponsors in the AI field.

Contribute to AI Education: Play an active role in shaping the future of AI by mentoring young talents and providing educational resources.

More information

For more information about becoming a university partner, please download the PDF presentation attached here.

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