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Join the IOAI as a participating team!

We are excited to welcome the best and brightest students from around the globe to participate in the olympiad. Each country which is accredited can send up to 2 teams, composed of four contestants and one team leader.

Click on the button below to see the list of accredited representatives which are coordinating the selection of teams for each country.

Team selection

Every country can be represented in the olympiad by a national team: four contestants and a team leader.

Teams must be selected by country coordinators based on the results in national competitions in Mathematics, Informatics, Linguistics, or a related subject.

Each country coordinator can decide the participant selection method, as long as the contestants are among the best in their country . For example, they could belong to the national teams for other international olympiads. Teams can be multidisciplinary (e.g. 2 contestants with an IT background, 1 mathematician and 1 linguist).

Additional teams

Country coordinators can decide to participate with up to one additional team (2 teams in total) in order to give their country a stronger representation.

However, the fees for the second team will be higher and the contestants have to be selected in a similar manner like the first team.


The contestants must be less than 20 years old on the first day of the competition and should be high school students living in the country that they are representing.

Contestants should be selected based on participation in a country-wide contest in informatics, mathematics, linguistics, or a related field held by a recognised national organisation.

Team Leaders

Each team must be accompanied by an adult team leader who is not a contestant. The team leader accompanies the contestants and mediates between the team and the organizers.

In addition, team leaders assist in the invigilation process and may act as invigilators during the Practical round or assist the Jury if the need arises. The team leader also represents the country in the General Assembly.

Apply now

Step 1: Accreditation

If your country has not participated in the IOAI before, you need to apply for accreditation of your organization to represent it at the olympiad


Step 2: Registration

If your organization is already approved to represent your country at the olympiad, fill out this form in order to register for the upcoming edition


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