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Support the IOAI as an official sponsor!

To scale the International Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence globally and offer teams worldwide the opportunity to participate, we are seeking long-term partners. These partners will support the promotion of the Olympiad, investing in the future of AI education and aligning closely with our mission to nurture young talent and foster global collaboration.

Partnering with the IOAI is an opportunity to nurture future tech leaders and affirm your commitment to ethical AI. It's about shaping an inclusive and responsible technological future, building lasting community relationships, and positioning your brand at the forefront of AI education.

Empowering progress in AI


Build lasting connections with emerging AI leaders and innovators.


Inspire the next wave of creativity and innovation in the AI realm.


Lead the promotion of responsible and ethical AI development practices.


Align your brand with cutting-edge technology and academic excellence.


Endorse AI Innovation: Become part of a pioneering event which is raising awareness of the latest AI technologies and bringing up the next generation of AI professionals.

Brand Positioning: Establish your company name and brand as a leader in the AI field and gain recognition among academics and young talents.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with leading academic institutions, AI researchers, and promising young professionals at dedicated networking events.

Contribute to AI Education: Play an active role in shaping the future of AI by enabling access to the olympiad for teams globally and lowering the barriers to entry.

More information

For more information about becoming a sponsor, please download the PDF presentation attached here.

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